Opal Jewellery on the Gold Coast

Opal Jewellery on the Gold Coast

Intense Colour and Striking Natural Beauty

Opals are one of the most beautiful of all precious gemstones and come in a dazzling array of colours and patterns. They are unique from other gemstones as its characteristic appearance and vibrant colours can change and flash light as you move the Opal in your hand. The name ‘Opal' comes for the Greek word “Opallos”, meaning "to see changes of colour".

Opals are classified as a semi-precious gemstone and are formed of non-crystalline silica gel. Millions of years ago, the silica gel seeped into crevices and cracks of the earth's sedimentary strata. Nature's intense heat and moulding processes then hardened the gel and formed Opals. No two Opals are ever the same.

The Opal is Australia 's National Gem, with Australia producing more than 95% of the World's Opal supply.

Opal is the official birthstone of October.

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