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    engagement ring

    We help you create a one
    off designed engagement ring
    that truly captures the way you
    feel about your partner...

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    Diamonds donít confuse cut with shape

    When Iím referring to cut, I donít mean the shape of the Diamond ie: heart, pear, cushion, or princess, Iím referring to the angles cut into the Diamond. A good cut, gives a Diamond itís brilliance and scintillation. If a Diamond is cut well itís angles and finish will reflect the light correctly and give you brilliance.

    The two Diamonds you see here are both a good example, they are both cushion cut in shape, one weighs 1.00ct the other 1.01ct, virtually the same, both Diamonds are graded at the same organization, with both certificates grading the stones an F color and VS grade for inclusions.

    I have photographed both stones at 10x magnification, they are like chalk and cheese, the major difference is the cutting angles, thus the brilliance.

    This is one of the most important facts to be aware of when purchasing one of lifes larger purchases, a Diamond.
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    Spoil a loved one

    Surprise that special someone in your life
    with a thoughtfull gift that they
    will remember forever.

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  • Cosmetic Dentist Parramatta

    From Design to Creation

    At 10Ants Jewellery, our aim is to create
    inspired designs that truly capture your style,
    creating your dream piece the way you
    imagined it to be...

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    Celebrate a Milestone

    Anniversaries, births and graduations
    can be celebrated with a beautiful
    memento from our collection...

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