Diamond jewellers on the Gold Coast

Diamond Jewellery on the Gold Coast

Captivating beauty, breathtaking radiance and rarity

Diamonds are the rarest, most valuable and therefore most desired of all precious gems. They are the hardest minerals in existence and their longevity surpasses all other precious stones. The name 'Diamond' derives from the Ancient Greek 'adamas' meaning 'invincible'. It is due to their strength and eternal brilliance that enables Diamond jewellery to be worn day after day, generation after generation.

The four characteristics which are used to determine the value of a Diamond are known as the 4c's - Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat. It is a combination of these factors which enable us to determine the value of a Diamond. Please click on the links below to discover more about the 4c's:

For thousands of years Diamonds have captivated the hearts and minds of people from around the globe. Please click here to view a selection of our Diamond Jewellery pieces in our Online Gallery.

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